Pulstar Slimline G2 Chiropractic Adjustment System


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  • System that enables both analysis and adjusting, while patient is standing, seated or prone.
  • Shows before and after treatments on screen, and can generate a printed report for patient take-home or HIPAA-compliant email directly to the patient.
  • 4 unique adjusting modes for treatment of spine, soft tissue and extremities.
  • Computer record of pre and post analysis as well as the forces applied to each patient at each adjustment point, greatly reduces malpractice risk.
  • Built-in ability to create patient database with storage, retrieval and backup from the cloud.
  • 1 single button impulse head that allows the doctor to control the PulStar without leaving the patient.
  • Set of 5 attachments (3 dual prongs, 2 single prongs).