Hill Air-Flex Chiropractic Table Flexion Cervical, Dorsal, Lumbar, Pelvic Drops

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Hill Air-Flex Features
Includes Tilting Headpiece
Thoracic bREAKAWAY Release
Air-Controlled Flexion & Distraction w/ pressure pedal
Air controled Long Axis Traction w/ pressure pedal
Rotation & Lateral Flexion, and locking mechanisms
Slide-out Ankle Support with Ankle Harnesses
Electric Height Controlled by Foot Pedal
Height range from 21 1/2" to 29
Black thermo-plastic base
Tilt Forward & Toggle drop


Cervical Drop


Dorsal Drop
Lumbar Drop
Pelvic Drop
Dual Air Touch bars
Dual Elevation Pedals
Dual Ankle Cuffs
Removable tiller bar at foot-end


Cervical Drop


Width 24", Medium Density Foam