10 Tips to Buying a Used Chiropractic Table

Posted by Oranotech on 15th Feb 2014

10 Tips to Buying a Used Chiropractic Table

Buying a used a chiropractic table is a lot like buying a used car. Luckily(,)there aren't as MANY parts on a chiropractic table as there ARE on a car.

Here are 10 tips to buying a used chiropractic table:

1. Do the hylo and elevation functions work? These are the most costly parts to replace, so make sure the hi lo and the elevation work. Note the time it takes the table to go up and down. Imagine a patient wating and if its too slow, find another table.

2. Do all the drop mechanism work? Generally speaking, most drop mechanisms on lloyds and zenith on used tables work, the most we see are missing or broken knobs.

3. Is there any oil leakage underneath? Stay away FROM tables that leak. That most certainly MEANS you need a new cylinder which can cost upwards OF a thousand DOLLARS.

4. Does the upholstery have any WEAR or cuts? You might be able to find a guy that can repair small cuts and WEAR(.) Reupholstering the table should cost you around $400.
5. Do they offer parts warranty? FOR how long? Generally(,)you want to get at least A parts warranty on a used table for 3-6 MONTHS. 

6. If you are buying an older table that is no longer in production(,)are the parts available? This might might be something a table dealer can advise you ON. 

7. Check to see if all the hoses are intact and there are no holes or fraying. Hoses are easy to replace and they are inexpensive. This is not a deal breaker but can factor in to your negotiation. 

8. How old is the table? There are serial numbers on all Lloyd and Zenith tables(.) You can call to the manufacturer and ask for the age using the serial number. Lloyd and Zenith tables are workhorses and known for there stability. Age of the table is not in itself a deal breaker. 

9. Try to get a video of the table in action or ask if you can do a cam with the selller. 

10. Depending on your budget, try to stick with the big 3. Zenith, Lloyd, Leander. These tables offer versatility in their functions and ARE known to last a very very long time!