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Our 34-inch hyperbaric hard chamber is a new size developed specifically for the USA market to fit through a 35 inch door. The unit is priced as a value to other products in this price range. In fact, we have no competition in the hyperbaric hard chamber space with this 34-inch diameter incredibly well-crafted system and customized to fit through most American doors but maximizing on size to provide plenty of room even for the largest customers. Oxygen Health System's hyperbaric hard chambers are designed for safety, durability, comfort, and ease of entry and exit along with many more advanced features. This hyperbaric hard chamber system is designed for practitioners or home users who want a more advanced system that allows for higher pressurization but is safe to operate and easy to install and maintain. Our hyperbaric therapy system and that also provides simplified single-user operation from the interior of the chamber. Just power it up, get inside, and hit the button to start your amazing therapeutic session. Clients of all shapes and sizes will love this system for its expansive roominess and the luxury it can provide in an environment of everyday and all-day usage. 


34” D Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Hard Shell 1.5 ATA 1 

comes with

All in One O2 generator and Air Compressor
10 LPM Oxygen Generator 20 PSI
2 cannulas, 2 masks, 2 headsets, saturation pulse (SP) Oximeter, walkie talkie and 
power outage warning system
LED reading Light 
Manufacturer Certificate of Warranty 
White Glove Delivery (available upon request, extra charges may apply)
Intellipure CompactAir Purifier   
option, additional charges may apply
Dual Action Air Conditioning